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    no data available

    No data available in table

    I'm unable to get a joined mysql table to populate. It simply says "No data available in table."

    Note that in the js snippet below I've added an alert directly calling 'DelayDate' from the data object returned from the url. That popup displays the expected output.



    If I navigate to /ajax/getdelayedmatches.php in the browser I get:

    My thinking here is that my php script is working because I can navigate to the page in the browser and see results of my db query. That data is getting loaded because I can access the object via my alert popup. I'm simply not mapping it to the column in the datatable for some reason.

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    Sesli Sözlük - no data

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    jQuery DataTables "No Data Available in Table"

    jQuery DataTables

    I have a table that is made in the $( document ).ready function. I am also using the jQuery DataTables plugin. For some reason, when the page loads, the table loads but the first row says "No Data Available in Table".


    JS/jQuery (scripts.js)

    DataTables Error

    Also, if I click on the sort arrows on the column headers, all of my data disappears and I'm just left with my column headers and "No data available in table.".

    This problem exists in IE, Chrome, and FireFox. Here is what I've tried so far:

    -I've tried Placing the $( "#summary-table" ).DataTable(); before my AJAX call. That did not work.

    -I tried to replace $( body ).appendTo( $( "tbody" ) ); with $( "tbody" ).append( body );`. That did not work.

    -I googled. A lot of SO questions and other sites that have this issue have a solution related to bad table structure, but I cannot find where my table structure is going wrong. Looking in inspect element, it has my appended rows, plus a bunch of HTML that DataTables produces. No errors in the console.

    How can I get DataTables to work with my current data? What are any potential errors that I am overlooking?

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