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    find the mysterious island on a globe sims freeplay

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    The Mysterious Island quest - The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough - Pinguïntech

    You can start The Mysterious Island quest on level 10. This mision unlocks the mystery island where you can build more home, house boats and unlock new lots like the stables and the Northern Glade Castle.

    – Complete this quest to unlock The Mystery Island.
    – Complete this quest within the time limit to unlock an Island Sentinel Replica!

    1. Watch the news (TV, 4 minutes and 30 seconds**).

    The Mysterious Island quest - Globe
    2. Find the Mysterious Island on a Globe (Find The Mystery Island, 1 minute and 30 seconds). Note: The World Globe can be found in the decorations section of the Home Store.
    3. Download Bridge Schematics on a computer (8 minutes***, 9 minutes**).

    The Mysterious Island quest - letter box
    4. Post Bridge Schematics using a letter box (1 second). You can find a letter box in front of any of your Sims houses.
    5. Call the Construction Team on a phone (14 minutes**).
    6. Watch ‘Found’ on a TV (17 minutes**).
    7. Drink Herbal Tea (1 minute and 48 seconds**). Note: You can buy a tea pot in the kitchen section of the Home Store
    8. Call the Construction Team on a phone (14 minutes**).
    9. Bake croissants (18 hours).

    The Mysterious Island bridge
    10. Build the Mysterious Island Bridge. You can find it on the coast of Sim Town on your town map.

    Next quest: Raiders of the Lost Artifacts

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    FIND THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND ON A GLOBE gorevini nasil yapabilirim

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    14,793 üye

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    The Girl Who Games

    Times may vary depending on what star rating the item has.





    Time Limited Prize: Sentinel Replica


    Is the prize worth it? The prize is a statue for the garden, it’s unusual and I like it but I wouldn’t worry too much if you don’t complete in time as it doesn’t do anything.

    Where can I find it? Outdoor decorations section

    Cost? The first one is free, after that they cost S7,500


    please read before asking

    I have missed this quest! Why can’t I start it yet?
    You cannot miss main quests they have to be completed in order. You need to complete all previous quests (list can be found here) and reach level 10 before you can start this quest

    Can I complete this quest even though I have passed level 10?
    Yes, you just need to complete all previous quests then this quest will start automatically

    How do I download bridge schematics on a computer?
    Buy a computer in the game and select the option

    Why do blue footprints appear when I try to use an item?
    Blue footprints appear when your sim cannot access an item you want them to use, you need to either rotate the item or move an item that has been placed in front of it so they can use it

    What do you mean when you say a goal can be started early?
    Any goal that you can normally do can be started early because you will have access to it and any goal that you can’t normally do you will have to wait until you get the goal to be able to complete it
    The tip with this method is to put the sim doing that action early in a different house that you cannot go to until you get that goal or it will not work

    I can’t afford the mysterious bridge, how can I earn more simoleons?
    This post may help

    Can I build the bridge early?
    No, you cannot build the bridge until you get the goal in this quest

    What do I get if I complete this quest in the time limit?
    The sentinel replica

    What happens if I don’t complete in the time limit, can I still finish this quest?
    Yes you have to finish it to unlock the mysterious island before you can move onto the next quest

    I didn’t complete in the time limit, can I restart the quest?
    No, you cannot redo quests

    Can I still get the prize if I don’t complete in the time limit?
    No, the only way to get the limited time prizes is by completing the quest in the time limit

    I don’t like this quest! Can I just skip it?
    No, you have to complete this quest before you can move onto the next one

    Some times are slightly different on my game, why is this?
    Times may vary depending on the star rating of the item you are using, as the higher star rating an item has the quicker you will complete a goal

    Some times are really off/ different goals show for me, why is this?
    This will be because the quest has been updated recently, I try my best to keep these posts up to date but it is difficult as I cannot redo every quest each time the game is updated. If you notice any changes please let me know so I can update the post

    Have you posted about the monuments yet?
    Yes, it took me a long time but I have finally finished my monuments post, click here to read it

    My game is stuck on level 10, why is this?
    Once you reach level 10 your game needs to download additional content, this linkexplains what it is but it doesn’t say how to do it, I’m guessing your game should do it automatically. If you still can’t progress you may need to contact the makers to see if they can fix this for you.

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    Posted on 23 Ağustos 2016 Updated on 24 Ağustos 2016

    LEVEL: 10
    AÇAR: Mysterious Island (Köprüye tıklayarak ada şehrine geçmenizi sağlar)
    SÜRE:  3 Gün
    ÖDÜL: Sentinel Replica

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