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    bridal couture pear-shaped diamond engagement ring

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    Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Harry Winston

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    Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

    Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

    There's no denying that pear-shaped engagement rings are experiencing a major comeback, and it's easy to see why. These stunning teardrop-shaped pieces are not only timeless and eye-catching, but they also elongate your finger for a flattering look. Plus, no matter the size, a pear-shaped diamond always seems to sparkle just a little bit more than its counterparts.

    With options for every aesthetic, pear-shaped engagement rings range from minimal solitaires to vintage-inspired styles and unique takes with colorful gemstones. Then, there are super-unconventional settings like clusters, double-band rings, and off-kilter stones, which are ideal for those inclined to forego traditional engagement rings.

    Ahead, learn about the pros and cons of pear-shaped engagement rings, how to care for them, and more.

    Pros and Cons of a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

    "In general, because of its elongated shape, pear-cut diamonds show larger than some of the other diamond shapes like a traditional round brilliant," says Grace Lee, the founder of Grace Lee Fine Jewelry. "Because of this, they can be a better value with a larger surface area."

    Although pear-cut stones can appear larger per carat, their teardrop shape can also make them fragile. "[A pear-cut engagement ring] has a very small, pointy tip that can make it vulnerable to damage," Lee warns. "Placing a prong or a V-prong on the point or choosing a bezel setting around the entire stone can help protect the tip of the stone from breaking or chipping with wear," adds jewelry designer Ashley Zhang.

    "Since pear-shaped diamonds are not symmetrical—when comparing the pointed side and the rounded side—they can sometimes appear lopsided and heavy on one side," says Lee.

    A pear shape can feel easily customizable as it can be worn with the diamond facing up, down, east-west, or slightly off-kilter.

    What to Look for in a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

    How to Care for Your Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

    To care for your pear-shaped engagement ring, Lee recommends using a soft baby toothbrush and an all-natural mixture of apple cider vinegar and baking soda to gently and safely clean your diamond. Since pear-cut engagement rings can be susceptible to chipping and damage, it's important to always handle your ring with care.

    History of Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

    Pear-shaped rings are classic and timeless shape. First things first, a pear-shaped stone is also known by its alternative name: a teardrop. FOr over 500 years, this shape has evolved and adapted to the ever-changing need for more modern touches. Pear-shaped rings came from marquis shapes and were innovative from there. 

    Due to its ever-changing and evolving chic design, the pear-shaped is one of the most sought-after shapes for engagement rings. “Since they’ve been around for so long, you’ll be able to see both modern and antique diamond jewelry with pear-shaped diamonds. And in doing so, you’ll be seeing a wide variety of proportions,” Gem Society says.

    Sold on this beautiful teardrop shape? Keeping scrolling to see our edit of pear-shaped engagement rings for every style and budget.

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    Harry Winston’s Dreamy Engagement Rings | The Adventurine

    Harry Winston’s Dreamy Engagement Rings | The Adventurine

    Harry Winston’s Dreamy Engagement Rings

    by Marion Fasel

    March 19, 2021—I’ve said it before and it bears repeating, we are in the midst of an engagement ring renaissance. Brides are not only daring to wear more creative jewels, they are demanding them. Designers are rising to the occasion with all kinds of wonderful creations pushing at the edges of the traditional design parameters of engagement rings.

    Now Harry Winston, home of the magnificent diamond engagement ring, has jumped into the creative fray. The dazzling new Bridal Couture capsule collection features eight rings.

    The “Couture” in the title is a reference to wedding gowns, the source of inspiration for the designs. Each ring highlights various elements of a gown and those details are matched with various fancy diamond solitaires.

    See a selection of the collection below.

    The pear and marquise shape diamonds surrounding the upper right corner of the emerald-cut center stone in this engagement ring are inspired by the open-weave pattern of Chantilly lace.

    Romantic bows with little pear-shape diamond centers, tie up the sides of this oval-shaped diamond engagement ring.

    In the vocabulary of the Bridal Couture collection, Winston’s lavish marquise shape diamond bypass ring is a nod to wedding gowns with asymmetrical hemlines.

    The interlacing ribbons found in wedding gown corsetry inspired the lyrical setting for this pear-shape diamond engagement ring.

    A bride’s veil that is lifted during the ceremony to frame her face was the design cue for this grand emerald-cut diamond in a halo setting of gems.

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    Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

    Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

    2.11ct Neil Lane Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring – Neil Lane Couture

    2.11ct Neil Lane Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring – Neil Lane Couture

    A luxurious composition, this 18K rose gold ring is hand engraved with graceful scalloped gallery pattern, centering upon an early 20th century pear-shaped diamond, weighing 2.11 cts. Further embellished with 109 round cut diamonds weighing 1.33 cts.

    Designed and signed Neil Lane.

    Color: F
    Clarity: VS1

    G.I.A. Report #2155495593G.I.A. Report #2155495593. (click to view)


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