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    apna time bhi aayega 1 bölüm türkçe altyazılı izle

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    Apna Time Bhi Aayega




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    Apna Time Bhi Aayega

    Apna Time Bhi Aayega

    Apna Time Bhi Aayega

    Apna Time Bhi Aayega is an Indian television drama that airs on Zee TV and also digitally available on ZEE5.[1] The show stars Fahman Khan, Megha Ray and Vivana Singh in the lead roles.

    In 2020 after 18 episodes, Megha Ray replaced Anushka Sen.[2]

    Initially Tannaz Irani was cast of play the negative role of Rajeshwari Singh Rajawat but she was replaced after 148 episodes as she could not shoot in Goa. Vivana Singh later replaced her in 2021.

    The series premiered on 20 October 2020 and produced by Ved Raj, under the company Shoonya Square Productions.[3]


    Rani is a top student at her school and dreams of becoming an engineer to fulfill her father's (Radhameer's) wishes. Rani lives with her brother Pinku and her grandmother in Ballia. Her father works in the city for the Rajawat Family and her mother has passed away. Veer Singh Rajawat is a famous doctor in Jaipur. Rajawat Family is one of the most rich and renowned family in Jaipur.

    Rani meets with an accident because of Veer. Veer takes her to his home, where she meets her father. Rani's father is taken to jail because was drinking under the influence, and run the car over 4 people. and Rani begins to try to find evidence that he is innocent. She puts her dreams on hold and starts working for the Rajawat Family in her father's place. Veer gets engaged to Kiara. Veer never gets any love from his stepmother, Rajeshwari Singh Rajawat (RaniSa) , who is the matriarch of the Rajawat Family, so he decides to marry the girl she chose for him. Prince Jay Singh enters the mansion and is supposed to get engaged to Nandini, Veer's stepsister. Jay almost forces Rani but Veer saves her. Rani begins to respect Veer. Rani finds out that her father is in jail because of Veer. Someone calls Rani to the temple claiming that they have evidence to prove that her father is innocent. But, this was a scheme played by Jay Singh. Veer came to that same temple to pray. Priests see Rani and start to throw rocks at her because no unmarried woman can enter the temple. In order to save Rani, Veer marries her. When the family finds out, they are all devastated and this causes the rift between Rani Sa and Veer to expand. Rani Sa leaves the house and sends her sister , Padmini to kick Rani out of the house. After a series of events, Rani wins the heart of everyone except Rani Sa. With the help of Veer, Rani exposes Jay Singh's ill intentions and breaks Nandini's relationship with Jay.

    Rani has to leave for her village as she needs to complete her form for her education. Rani Sa tells Veer to leave Rani at her village. Veer goes to Rani's village and is showered in love. He starts to find it difficult to tell Rani that he is leaving her. Rani's childhood friend, Birju comes back from foreign and wants to marry her. He is left heartbroken to see Rani has married someone else. During one of the marriage rituals Veer gets drunk and tries to tell Rani that he is leaving, but fails. Nandini is kidnapped by Jai's friends and Jai saves her. This was a scheme played by Jai. Radhameer's land has been taken over by the a powerful person named Bade Bhaiya (translated: Elder Brother).[4] Bade Bhaiya challenge Rani, Birju, and Veer to a kabaddi competition. Kiara (Veer's Ex Fiancee) comes to Rani's village with Vikram. Veer wins the kabaddi tournament. Raj Mata, Veer's grandmother finds out that Veer is the illegitimate child of her son, Digvijay, and not an orphan.

    Someone tries to hit a stone at Veer, but Rani gets hit. Veer tells an unconscious Rani that he is he is unable to tell her that he is leaving her which is overheard by Birju. The next day Birju and Veer go to get medicines for Rani, but Birju sends goons after Veer and tells Veer to leave Rani as that he learned his truth. Birju turns to shoot Veer.[5] Rani stops Birju. Veer helps Surti Devi (Rani's cow) give birth and plans to tell Rani the truth, but her grandmother begs Veer to help Radhameer prove his innocence. Rani asks Veer the truth behind her father's arrest, but before Veer can answer, Rani Sa comes from Jaipur interrupting them. Rani Sa revels to Rani about the plan and Rani tells Veer to leave for the city. Kiara provokes the villagers and they start taunting Rani and try to take off her Sindoor and call her a widow. Vikram and Veer get into a physical fight, and Veer realizes that what he did was wrong. Veer stops the villagers from taking off Rani's Sindoor and comes to take her back to the village. Veer says that he cannot promise that he would hurt her again.[6]

    When they reach Jaipur, Rani Sa accepts Rani as her bahu (daughter-in-law). She shifts Rani from the servant's quarter to Veer's room. Jai tries to win Nandini's heart and uses Champa's help. On Valentine's Day, Rani Sa organizes a party where she reveals to everyone that Rani is Rajawat family's daughter-in-law, making Kiara jealous. Kumud wants to tell the family a secret but Digvijay tells her not to, making Rajmata suspicious. It is revealed that Kumud is Veer's biological mother due to a past extramarital affair between her and Digvijay. When Dadi Sa finds out she is left devastated and wants them to tell Rani Sa. It is also revealed that this was the reason why Rani Sa never accepted Veer.

    Later Rani Sa reveals to Rani that her father is counting his last days and that the court is going to give the decision very shortly. She tells her that she never accepted Rani and was only pretending to like her. Rani's lawyer leaves the case and Rani is left devastated. Rani Sa tries to create many obstacles in her path. After the Basant Panchami, Rani Sa sent the room on fire where Rani was in. But Veer saves her. Rani Sa tries to create multiple rifts between them.

    Goons attack Ramadheer on the day of his hearing and Rani also gets injured. Seeing Rani in this state, Veer decided to surrender himself to the police, releasing Ramadheer. Rani believes that Veer is innocent and helps him get bail. While trying to prove that Veer is innocent she enacts the accident scene and in that process the car's brakes fail because of which the car gets hit to the tree and she gets hurt on the forehead. Rani finds out that it was Rani Sa who did the accident because on the day of Veer's engagement, Vikram was very drunk and he went in the car somewhere. Luckily before he could hurt anyone, the police officers found Vikram and called Rani Sa. When Rani Sa went to pick up Vikram, she did the accident. She asked Radhameer to take the blame. Jai Singh records Rani Sa taking the blame and gives it to the police anonymously. Rani Sa is arrested and Jai Singh kidnaps Rani. Later, Veer manages to release Rani from kidnappers. Rani and Veer's love starts to blossom, while Kiara loses her memory. It's revealed that Vikram and Kiara got married after getting drunk in the Valentine's Day party.

    Rajeshwari returns and creates a misundersatanding between Veer and Rani , she makes Veer believe that Rani has an affair with Birju. As Veer pretends to be married to Kiara , Rani Sa ousts Rani , however she returns and warns Rani Sa and asks a huge sum of money from the Rajawats. On seeing Veer's mistrust on her, she is left devastated and leaves for her village. Veer also reaches there along with Kiara and Vikram. After a series of events and muiltiple plots and schemes played by RaniSa and her accomplices Veer apologies to Rani. Veer finds out about RaniSa's ploy and questions her to which she demands him to choose between her or Rani. Veer gets into an accident thinking about the two choices. Rajeshwari warns Rani not to come back to Rajawat house but she disobeys her and returns. Rani then joins college at Jaipur while Veer gets emotional towards a mysterious patient in his hospital. While RaniSa decides to get Jay and Nandini married, Rani vows to stop it and it declares an open war against Jai.





    Initially, Anushka Sen was cast for the role of Rani. She left the series three weeks after the launch claiming health issues while the producers cited that she was unprofessional and threw tantrums on the set.[10] Anushka was replaced by Megha Ray. Tannaz Irani tested positive for COVID-19[11] but resumed shooting after she recovered. Megha Ray had tested positive for COVID-19 and she is staying at home quarantining.[12] She eventually tested negative and she continued working. Tannaz Irani was replaced by Vivana Singh as Rajeshwari Singh Rajawat. Irani says that "It was a random call; they told me that I was required to shoot every day, as my character is pivotal. They went on to add that they have thought it through and since I can’t travel to Goa, they are replacing me. I am shocked and confused."[13]


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